Most Important Question of chapter "Relation and Function" for CBSE Board Exam-2018

Every student of Class 12 is worried about CBSE Board Exam-2018 and every student is in search of most important questions.

There are few days in Board Exams so every student is preparing important Questions of Maths, so it is very necessary  to know about the important questions of maths for CBSE Boars Exam-2018.

IMPORTANT  TOPIC in Relation and Function

There was a question in CBSE Board Exam-2015 from this chapter. The question was of 6 marks as a Q No. 20.

equivalence relation
equivalence relation

in this question, we had to prove that given relation is equivalence relation.

This question was not a part of 2016 and 2017 so this question is very important for CBSE Board Exam-2018.

so "Proving a relation an equivalence relation" is the most important question for CBSE Board Exam-2018

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